Artist Bio

By 1975 KISS was taking the country and the world by storm. I was 6 years old and running around the house with a plastic guitar and my mom’s lipstick smeared across my cheeks. In the center reaches of Long Island New York if you didn’t play baseball or didn’t rock, then you just didn’t belong. The 80’s found the Motto’s in a small town outside of Philadelphia where rock n roll and country went hand in hand. By 15 I was on stage fronting rock bands at the local fire company carnivals and doing acoustic sets anywhere I could. A teenage rock star, popular with the girlies and often the recipient of lots of free “party favors”, I somehow managed to graduate high school in 1987. Back on Long Island I found the leather and spandex metal scene lacked the soul that artists like Springsteen and Petty had awoken in me down in PA. However, that world did have one lasting impression. Addiction. At 22 years old I was working full time at night, back in school full time during the day, playing in the bars every weekend, and trying to be a father to my year old daughter, getting high every chance I could. Over the next 10 years, after earning my degree, changing careers, many relationships, several bands, and countless gigs I put together a self produced CD called “Blessed and Uncontested”. An eclectic mix of country, blues, pop, and rock that chronicled my travels, friendships, loves, and losses.
What happened next would change my life forever. At 13 years old, my daughter, struggling to find acceptance in her mothers new insta-family, came to live with me. At this point I was gigging four or five nights a week and a single dad raising a teenage girl. Time to clean up my act. I was able to overcome the trappings of active addiction, started a small business, and began performing as a soloist to fit into more family friendly venues and keep earlier hours. I quickly learned that a larger customer base meant knowing a much broader variety of music. More classics, standards, pop, and oldies filled my repertoire in addition to the modern rock and hair bands that I was already so used to. Before long I had hundreds of songs to choose from and some kind of personal connection with most of them. To this day, I continue to learn and write new music that stems from the heart and soul. I am ever grateful for the process of personal evolution, as I love the person I have become and the artist that I aspire to be.